Handy dog walks around Hemsby


The best places to walk your dog in Hemsby

Hemsby is another fine coastal area- this means that the beach is often very popular (there are also some restrictions during the summer months). It is also worth noting that the village can be very busy as well. Therefore if you are walking your dog in these areas it is worth leaving a bit earlier or a bit later in order to beat the rush!

One particularly good walk is to go from Hemsby to Caister. This is ideal as it gives you a long walk and the chance to take in more sights as you go along. If you want a challenge the Hemsby Mega Maze allows dogs on leads so you can get your dog some exercise and challenge yourself while you’re at it.

In short there are a few variations of walks in the local area that are worth trying out, both to give your dog the exercise it needs and to give yourself a welcome change of scene too!

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