Hembsy Lifeboat Service Fun Day Brings In the Crowds

Scores of people came down to the beach in Hemsby for the local Lifeboat Service Fun Day, which was a residing success

Hemsby has always had a proud history on the coast of Norfolk and looked to continue that with an open day over the weekend, in order to maintain and fund the local lifeboat service.

The service known as the Hembsy Inshore Rescue Service differs from many of it’s nearby lifeboat stations, as it is run completely by volunteers, independent for the national RNLI lifeboat service.

Every year the team has a fund raising day of shows and games that gets people of Hembsy together to have some summer fun and keep an important service running. Having the lifeboats there is brilliant piece of mind for the thousands of holidayers that come to Hemsby each year, especially in the summer season, when people take to the waters.

The day was opened by Mayor of Great Yarmouth, Barry Coleman and entertainment included lifeboat displays, a fun dog show, as well as magic shows and music.

As the summer season is coming to a head, it was brilliant to see large crowds come to the event to support the community. Take a look at our latest news and events here at love Hembsy to keep up to date with everything going on in Hemsby, Norfolk.

If you want to support the cause further please visit the Official Hemsby Inshore Rescue Service website.

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