Hemsby Beach Clean-up Gets Off to a Bang!

A man cleaning up the beach

Residents of Hemsby were given an explosive surprise last month, when an unexploded WWII mortar was discovered on the village’s beach, and promptly detonated by the Police’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team. But now residents and friends of Hemsby beach are living in fear of a more modern foe: coastal erosion triggered by climate change.

More than 100 people turned up, earlier this month, to help clean the beach after residents reported debris appearing on it, most of it probably a remnant from last December’s fierce storms which caused several Hemsby holiday chalets to fall into the sea. Organised by McDonalds and the Save Hemsby Coastline campaign group, the Hemsby Beach clean-up aimed to tackle the copious amounts of rubbish and debris strewn across the beach, most of which consisted of broken glass, tyres, and building remains.

Based on such findings, many of Hemsby’s residents have concluded that the pollution was due to last year’s Winter storms, which caused severe damage to the village’s coastline. Campaigners from the Save Hemsby Coastline group managed to collect over £280 from the sale of wristbands dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of the village’s ailing coastline but say the local authorities aren’t doing enough to prevent further erosion or damage.

With Hemsby’s coastline set to face future struggles as to its survival, the one question remaining can only be: what surprises will time bring to Hemsby’s retreating coast? Let’s hope that it is only shells of the natural variety that beachwalkers unearth on its fleeing shore…

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