Hemsby Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre

In recent times more people have looked towards more traditional crafts and gifts and this Christmas looks set to be no exception. If you are looking for something to add a classic touch to your Christmas it is worth going to the Hemsby Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre

Hemsby Christmas gift fayre

A common lament is that “Christmas has become too commercialised”. There is the idea that people are losing touch and do not appreciate the quality of craftsmanship. However increasingly there seems to be a backlash against this and people are beginning to embrace more traditional styles of decorations, gifts and so forth. This is why the Hemsby Craft and Gift Fayre is set to be a popular event as people of all ages look for something a bit different and a bit special for their Christmas shopping.

This Sunday will see a range of stalls offering a diverse range of gifts and crafts. For example instead of some cheap looking Christmas cards you can show your love for your family and friends with specially designed cards. Specially designed jewellery can provide something a bit more personal that people will appreciate. For fans of shabby chic there are a wide array of options to add a bit of quirky style to your home, while upcycled items are ideal for people who want to give gifts for their loved ones but don’t want the carbon footprint to go with it (not to mention that you can massively cut down on all the packaging!)

Of course another great tradition for Christmas is food and this is another area that benefits from someone crafting something a bit special from their ingredients rather than something that has been quickly processed for the supermarket. As well as the classic roast dinner there are always parties and family occasions that require something to go alongside the leftover cold meats and vegetarian alternatives. At the Hemsby Christmas Craft and Gift Fayre you can enjoy a wide array of pickles and preserves that will help stretch that leftover meat a little bit further and make the Boxing Day post Christmas buffet almost as pleasurable as the big day itself!

In short this weekend Hemsby is the place to be if you want an interesting alternative to the big name retailers and the same processed items. Come along to the Belle Aire Holiday Park this Sunday from 10am to 4pm to enjoy shopping with a bit less stress and a bit more love and care!

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