Hemsby Viking Festival 2011

Imagine a bloodthirsty gang of Vikings descending upon you over the sands of Hemsby. Their weapons flailing wildly, as you cower under their mighty bellows.

Well you might not want to cower, but this could happen, as the Viking Festival returns to Hemsby on the 18th-19th of June.

The festival started only last year, but preparations for this years event have already started. Logos for the event are already being printed on the roads of Hemsby!

This years event will have its Vikings provided by Vikings of Middle England. The group, to no surprise, specialise in all things Viking.

Its living history display lets you walk around a living, breathing Viking settlement. As you wander you will see Vikings carrying out their daily lives, as well as being able to sample food and take a look at some Viking goods.

As well as this, expect some awesome Viking battles to play out in front of your very eyes. The group use realistic Viking weaponry. So if your in Hemsby, pop down and see a Viking battle. Its something you probably wont see everyday!

Last years event, even as a debut bash seemed very popular, with the people who came showing their appreciation,

“I know the Hemsby Viking festival was the first one last year but it already ran rings around some other Viking events. I so hope that it will become a set in stone, yearly event.”

“Thank you to everyone who made the festival possible, my mother & Aunt visiting from South Africa had a wonderful day out as did I.”

Hemsby is a brilliant place to go, and with Vikings to add to the mix, there is no excuse not to visit!

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