Is Hemsby a nice place to live or visit?


The question “is Hemsby a nice place to live or visit?” is an interesting one. It raises further questions to the person asking that question- “What do you like?” or “What are you looking for in a place to live?”

To answer the first part of the question- Hemsby is a nice place to visit for a number of different reasons. A big plus is the fact that it is by the beach. While it is true that you may not get as much sunshine as LA or the South of France East Anglia is relatively lucky in England in terms of sunshine and a nice climate. A stroll by the beach can be very relaxing and pleasant, something that seaside towns and village in East Anglia are known for (and this is what makes them popular tourist destinations).

With regards to kids you have local indoor play areas and holiday resorts, so you can be sure that they will have plenty to do. If you are interested in history there are tours that go along the local area and the beach, helping you to learn more about the local area and its rich and colourful historical background.

Based on this criteria Hemsby definitely falls under “great place to visit.” However it is pretty fair to say that just because somewhere is nice to visit that does not necessarily make it somewhere that is appropriate in terms of somewhere to live.

The best retort to this is that 3000 locals choose to live there- while some people may be worried about the area being quiet this does not necessarily have to be the case. The area is easily accessible to Great Yarmouth and Norwich so it is not too difficult to get around and enjoy local shows, festivals and so forth.

In short Hemsby offers a lot, both in terms as a place to visit and as a place to live. Whether you choose to do so depends on your personal preferences- in terms of visiting an area it is ideal if you want to go somewhere quiet and relaxed while at the same time still having something to do for the kids, while in terms of staying in the area it allows you to enjoy somewhere quiet without being cut off from busier parts of the region.

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