Partridge Gains 67 Hemsbys

Local DJ and former Hemsby resident Alan Partridge has escaped from the broadcasting wilderness and returned to primetime with his new show, Alan Partridge: The Places of my Life.

The Sky1 show drew a staggering 268,000 viewers, adding up to 73 times the population of Hemsby, or 67 more Hemsbys than the audience for Alan’s North Norfolk Digital radio show.

Alan has long used the Hemsby as his personal numerical unit, briefly replacing it with the smaller Gisleham after his notorious interview with local farmer Peter Baxendale Thomas, during which the vetaran broadcaster claimed: “You make pigs smoke. You feed beef burgers to swans. You have big sheds, but nobody’s allowed in. And in these sheds you have 20ft high chickens, and these chickens are scared because the don’t know why they’re so big, and they’re going, “Oh why am I so massive?” and they’re looking down at all the little chickens and they think they’re in an aeroplane because all the other chickens are so small.”

Alan is also a published author, and his controversial, poorly-selling autobiography I, Partridge: We Need To Talk About Alan was one of the most popular local books donated to Hemsby’s charity shops last year.

So if you are one of Alan’s 73 Hemsbys of fans, why not look back on his glory years with one of the many discounted Alan Partridge VHS tapes that are available at car boot sales nationwide?

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