Take a break in Hemsby


Inevitably some days you will feel like you need to get out- this is especially the case in January- a time of stress, bill paying and generally guilt over amount of food consumed/money spent in December. If you want a bit of space and get some air a great place to go is Hemsby. Hemsby is one of those great beaches that East Anglia has to offer. Like Lowestoft it has a sandy beach, ideal for long walks. Some people may think “Why would you want to the beach in winter?”

The simple fact is that walking is an easy way to literally get out and away. It doesn’t have to be very long and even the busiest people can usually find a little time in the day to take some time out (indeed if you can getting out over your lunch break can help you relax and ironically that little bit of fresh air can make you more productive than people who stay slumped on the computer!) A walk around Hemsby is also an easier way to get fitter without the need to spend money on a gym membership that you probably won’t end up using!

Equally it is good if you have kids to give them a bit of time outside, expelling the energy that inevitably builds up. This is a great opportunity to explore somewhere on your doorstep. If you are worried about how long this will take there are a number of websites where you can go on a map and get some directions so you can map out a walk that is appropriate for your travelling party.

As well as the beach there is also the village of Hemsby itself. One of the standouts of the village is the St Mary the Virgin Church. Built in the 12th century it is considered a great landmark. Even if you are not a religious or spiritual person there is no denying there is something beautiful about the design, art and architecture that goes into the best churches. There are also plans for an “Eden of the East” and it is worth having an explore to see the possible sites for this potential game changing project.

In short Hemsby is a great place to explore and take some time out. While it can be stressful over this time it doesn’t have to be and an additional break doesn’t have to cost money!

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