Tips for kite flying in Hemsby


Kite flying can be a fun activity. However it can be frustrating at times. But with a few simple tips you can relax and enjoy flying your kite on Hemsby beach.

If you want to fly a kite in Hemsby there are a few basic tips that can help ensure you enjoy it and don’t get too frustrated-

The right kite

Diamond or dragon kites are best for light to medium winds (6-15mph) while box kites or parafoils are best for heavier winds (8-25mph). You can check online for details of local conditions or alternatively you can buy a windsock to give you an idea of wind direction/power.


Avoid flying kites in wind speeds stronger than 25mph (You can usually tell if the winds are very heavy.) For obvious reasons it’s best to avoid flying a kite during heavy rain or thunderstorms (it’s not a myth- there is a very real danger of being struck by lightning.)

The best place to fly a kite is somewhere with open space with as few obstacles as possible- so look for areas of the beach that are as wide and open as possible away from crowds (this also goes for people staying at the camp site). For obvious reasons try to keep your kite away from power lines and trees, both to avoid them getting stuck (and in the case of power lines to avoid electrocution).

Flying tips

If possible get someone to help you- one person should lift the kite up and the other one should “launch” it. Remember to avoid trying too hard to control the kite, using the line to fly in loops rather than tight circles. Ideally you should keep your kite downwind until you become more confident at controlling it. If your kite tangles with another line don’t try to yank the line as this will break it. Instead walk back with the other flier and this should untangle it.

In short there are a number of places you can enjoy kite flying in Hemsby but it also helps to remember these tips to enjoy your kite flying!

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