Viking’s Bring War Machine to Hemsby

If you’re down at Hemsby next weekend, you many just see a deadly war machine being used by Viking warriors.

But don’t despair, you haven’t gone back in time, as the Hemsby Viking Festival is bringing in the big guns on June 18th-19th, with the deadly Trebuchet.

The Trebuchet is an ancient weapon used by generations of armies across history. It is a type of catapult that throws anything from rocks to diseased corpses at the enemies fortification. Although you’re unlikely to find rotting cadavers being thrown around, the machine has been realistically recreated into a working model.

It was built by Great Yarmouth resident Ashley Dyer. Through extensive research and over 100 hours of labour Ashley created the Trebuchet, fitted with realistic fixtures and fittings. The Great Yarmouth man wishes to take his Monk outfit and war machine across the country as he applies for accreditation from English Heritage.

A lover of medieval history, Ashley is very proud of the machine, of which he know a lot about, as he tells the Yarmouth Advertiser,

“The Vikings early tactics would be to raid a settlement, take what they would carry and then leave. They then progressed to extortion, where they would promise not to attack a settlement if they were paid. This is where the term DaneGeld arose. But then they realised that with a trebuchet they could take over a whole settlement for themselves and if the locals would not surrender, they would use the trebuchet to lay siege.”

For more information about the festival check out our What’s On Page.

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